Window 10 IoT Core Install & Connect to Raspberry PI 3


lets you use Windows technologies to build connected devices based on low-cost computing solutions such as the Raspberry Pi.

In this article, we will see the how to install window 10 IoT Core to Raspberry Pi 3 device.


  • Raspberry PI 3
  • 2A micro USB power supply
  • Internet Connection
  • SD Card
  • Ethernet (recommend)
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

Installing Window 10 IoT OS to SD Card

Before we need to download window 10 IoT Core Dashboard software on your PC

You can download the IoT Core Dashboard here

Connect the SD card to PC & open the IoT Core Dashboard Software. It will  looks like the picture below.Select set up a new device from the sidebar.

After verifying the device, Click download & Install button. It will be made to the Process 

In between Command Prompt showing format & applying Image

Once done the installation, your SD card is ready to use

Insert into the raspberry pi device & connect all the requested devices

Again, go to the IoT Dashboard Software > My Devices. You can find the your devices

Click Actions Button & Open in Device Portal. It will ask your administrator Password when you  given at the time of installation.

This portal helps to see all the information & configuration about the
raspberry pi 3 device & you can change any config and install or run the program from here. Now device have been ready to use

Microsoft showcased some examples of projects constructed using Windows 10 IoT Core.


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