Angular Console UI For Developer


Now a day most of developer has like to use angular CLI. But some time it will making a pain of typing the commands for running, testing & deploying code in command prompt to build their angular Application. Here after these things aren’t necessary because angular console UI tool is increase our productive.

You can download this angular console UI tool from this Link . it will support Window & Mac OS.

Once installed a tool, you can see like this UI

If you try to create an angular application, you want select directory & workspace for the project

After entered a create button, automatically it will create an application

Once completed the project it will list the project menu with simple buttons & tabs

You can easy to run or build your angular code. if you can generate code for anything like component, Directive..Etc.

Simply I have created a component & I can start to modify immediately from VS Code

In this tool having in-build library on Extension tab to addon our project

You can select & install the extension just at one click

Currently angular providing beta tools. We know about this powerful CLI tool advantages. So, we can expect with more feature as the future releases


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